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18 October 2023

Cosy Tips To Reset Your Home This Autumn

Cosy scents   While summer scents are light and airy like fresh linen and Eucalyptus to reflect the outdoors, the most beloved autumnal scents are rich and heady like...

14 June 2023

Do You Understand The White Paper?

Understanding the Whitepaper   Before diving into its implications, let's briefly understand what the whitepaper entails. Released by educational policymakers and industry experts, the...

25 April 2023

The Role Of The Private Landlord Is Underestimated.

It is predicted by recent statistics that 500,000 landlords will be leaving the buy-to-let market over the next 5 years. Thanks to increased red tape and tax penalties. This will be a continuation...

27 March 2023

How Do You Know If A Tenant Is Any Good?

How do you know if a letting agent is any good? As we approach a year since we acquired the lettings business from Heather & Lay I reflect back on how lucky we were. The reality is with all...

21 March 2023

My Forecast On Interest Rates - Robert Graves

Don’t get on your soap box! Talk about local stuff! Keep it relevant to our audience. All wise comments provided by my business partners about my weekly blogs. So I suspect no one will get...

9 March 2023

Tenant Find Or Property Management

Which service to choose when renting out your property? I was surprised to learn that apparently 60% of landlords choose the Tenant Find Service from their letting agent and embark on the...

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